Personal Information Protection Policy

Rock Store House Co., Ltd. (hereafter known as "Company"), contributes to the public sphere through
data processing system development projects. The Company recognizes the social responsibility to
strictly safeguard the personal information of clients as well as of employees while carrying out
operations, make it a key business activity to protect personal information, and have all executives and
staff endeavor to safeguard personal information and follow the Personal Information Protection Policy.

1. Basic Policy

Personal information is an important asset of each individual.
All executives and employees at the Company are in compliance with the management system for
the protection of personal information, and through the safe and accurate handling of personal
information, protect the information of individuals, responding to the trust invested in us.

2. Purpose of the Personal Information Management System

1. Regulate the standards of use and application methods of relevant personal information
2. Establish specific rules and conduct standards in order to prevent the unauthorized access,
  loss, damage, alteration or leakage of personal information.

3. Organization Activities

We carry out the following activities to realize this basic policy

1. All executives and employees comply with all national laws, guidelines and other standards.
2. Appoint a Chief Information Security Officer that bears the responsibility and authority to
  ensure the application and realization of the personal information safeguarding and
  management system.
3. Appoint a Personal Information Audit Officer to carry out compliance inspection.
4. Improve application methods and internal regulations according to audits.
5. Demand cooperation in achieving the goals of regulations regarding individuals and business
6. Continually improve the personal information safeguarding and management system.
7. Maintain a system to respond to complaints and set up a complaints office.

4. Handling of Personal Information

1. Regarding the collection, use and provision of personal information
  At the Company, information is collected with the goals of such activity made clear to
  concerned parties, with the scope of use of collected personal information limited, and
  information handled appropriately. Personal information is not used in any manner beyond an
  extent necessary to achieve intended purposes. Again, we take measures to ensure this. We do
  not disclose or provide any information to third parties without justifiable cause.
2. Respect of rights
  The Company respects the rights of individuals with concern to their own personal information
  and will respond, within a reasonable range and time frame, to requests to disclose, correct or
  eliminate such information.
3. Implementation of safety measures
  Through appropriate preventative and corrective measures as part of our strict personal
  information management system, we strive to prevent the unauthorized access, loss,
  destruction, alteration or disclosure of personal information.

5. Contact method for inquiries, grievances, or consultation regarding personal information

Rock Store House Co., Ltd. Inquiries Supervisor,
Telephone Inquiries:+81-3-3588-6789(Weekdays,9:30-17:00)

The personal information obtained from the inquiry email addressed to our contact wil be used only when responding back to the inquiry.

Date of Creation: September 1, 2009
Date of Revision: March 22, 2016
Rock Store House Co., Ltd.
代表取締役 Nobuhiko Iwakura